Origin of Language

Studying linguistics: An emerging discipline

Linguistics is one of the most complex fields in social sciences. The discourse of analysing language gives rise to a lot of academic influences, such as the discipline of philosophy. In todayfs world, communication has been more global than ever. Technology made it possible to communicate to anyone around the world in just on click. Relating to this matter, we are more exposed to different kinds of cultures and languages. Those who have finished degrees in linguistics can pursue a career on technical translation. For many, a study of collecting and studying words and compiling them into a dictionary is also one of the options that you can choose, this is called lexicography. One of the rising and becoming more popular fields for those who have graduated in linguistics is becoming linguistic technical analyst in developing software and programs for grammar and language assistance. People who want to specialize in the field can also consider in focusing on developing materials for foreign language learning, which is becoming more and more popular to date.

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